4-8 OCTOBER 2020


Name Date Time Contact
Advances in Simplifying Medical UltraSound (ASMUS) 4 October 2020 Full Day Yipeng Hu / yipeng.hu(at)ucl.ac.uk
Computational Biomechanics for Medicine XV 4 October 2020 Full Day Karol Miller / karol.miller(at)uwa.edu.au
UNSURE - UNcertainty for Safe Utilization of machine leaRning in mEdical imaging 8 October 2020 Full Day
Carole Sudre / carole.sudre(at)kcl.ac.uk
Proposal of The 11th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (MLMI2020) 4 October 2020 Full Day Mingxia Liu / mingxia_liu(at)med.unc.edu
3rd Workshop on PRedictive Intelligence in MEdicine (PRIME) 8 October 2020 Full Day Islem Rekik / irekik(at)itu.edu.tr
Brain-lesion workshop (BrainLes) 4 October 2020 Full Day Alessandro Crimi / alecrimi(at)alice.it
The 3rd International Workshop on Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging 4 October 2020 PM Seyed Mostafa Kia / s.kia(at)donders.ru.nl
iMIMIC - Interpretability of Machine Intelligence in Medical Image Computing 4 October 2020 AM Jaime S. Cardoso / jaime.cardoso(at)inesctec.pt
Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction (MLMIR) 8 October 2020 AM Tobias Wuerfl / tobias.wuerfl(at)fau.de
Shape in Medical Imaging 4 October 2020 Full Day Martin Reuter / martin.reuter(at)dzne.de
Joint Workshop on Augmented Environments for Computer-Assisted Interventions (AE-CAI), Computer Assisted and Robotic Endoscopy (CARE), and OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theaters 4 October 2020 Full Day Elvis C. S. Chen / chene(at)robarts.ca
Computational Diffusion MRI 2020 (CDMRI 2020) 8 October 2020 Full Day Marco Palombo / marco.palombo(at)ucl.ac.uk
9th MICCAI Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures (CLIP 2020): Towards Holistic Patient Models for Personalised Healthcare 4 October 2020 Full Day
Klaus Drechsler / drechsler(at)fh-aachen.de
2nd MICCAI workshop on "Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer (DART): Learning Transferable, Interpretable, and Robust Representations 8 October 2020 Full Day Nicola Rieke / nrieke(at)nvidia.com
STACOM 2020: Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart 4 October 2020 Full Day Alistair Young / a.young(at)auckland.ac.nz
1st MICCAI Workshop on "Distributed And Collaborative Learning" (DCL) 4 October 2020 PM Nicola Rieke / nrieke(at)nvidia.com
2nd Workshop on Radiomics and Radiogenomics in Neuro-oncology using AI (RNO-AI-2020) 8 October 2020 PM Hassan Mohy-ud-Din / hassan.mohyuddin(at)lums.edu.pk
5th International Workshop on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging (SASHIMI) 4 October 2020 PM Ninon Burgos / ninon.burgos(at)inria.fr
MICCAI Workshop on Perinatal Imaging, Placental and Preterm Image analysis (PIPPI) 8 October 2020 PM Jana Hutter / jana.hutter(at)kcl.ac.uk
The Second International Workshop on Thoracic Image Analysis 8 October 2020 Full Day Jens Petersen / phup(at)di.ku.dk
OMIA7 - 7th Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis Workshop 8 October 2020 Full Day Yanwu Xu / xuyanwu(at)baidu.com
Medical Image Learning with Less Labels and Imperfect Data 4 October 2020 PM Hien V. Nguyen / hvnguy35(at)central.uh.edu
Workshop on Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support 8 October 2020 PM Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood / stf(at)us.ibm.com
Large-scale Annotation of Biomedical data and Expert Label Synthesis (LABELS) 8 October 2020 AM Nicholas E. Heller / helle246(at)umn.edu
GRAIL: GRaphs in biomedicAl Image anaLysis 8 October 2020 AM Hamid Fehri / hamid.fehri(at)eng.ox.ac.uk