4-8 OCTOBER 2020


MICCAI will be present for the first time, in Latin America

Advancements in healthcare technologies and life sciences, and recent dramatic changes in economic and demographic conditions across the globe, today, more than ever, make the MICCAI Society and its activities relevant to the fast developing world.

It is our deep belief that it is time to expand MICCAI's reach to unchartered territories by bringing the MICCAI conference to Latin America. Latin America has a long, rich and diverse history of academic institutions, some at the leading edge of science, engineering and the humanities. We believe that Latin America is poised to contribute to the future of medical image computing and computer assisted interventions. Bringing MICCAI to Latin America will help exposing and stimulating a variety of actors that would otherwise have no easy access to the most recent developments in these fields.

Latin America (and The Caribbean) has a total population of about 645 million people, equivalent to 8.62% of the total world population. Latin America ranks number four among regions of the world, ordered by population. The median age is 29.6 years and 79.7 % of the population is urban (516 million people in 2017). According to the UN Development Program's 2015 Human Development Report, the region's average longevity hits 75 years in 2014, well above that of developing countries at 69.8 years and the global rate of 71.5 years. This report predicts that Latin America's populations will add about 100 million people—close to 15 percent of the region's current population—by 2030, most of whom will probably live in cities. The demographic of this population will be key beneficiaries from developments within the MICCAI community and will also offer unique challenges and opportunities for scientific advances.

Latin America has a strong cultural richness and diversity, a common language, common cultural values and common historical influences that have forged strong bonds between its people. A synergy exists and it's continuously developing. The human potential is enormous and the healthcare challenges and opportunities are tremendous. Coming closer to the Latin American roots is essential today to open the door to this exciting dynamic. The next generation of researchers and industrial leaders need to be prepared now.

Geographically, Peru is located close to the center of the Latin American region, allowing young scientists who would not usually have the opportunity to join us, to come close, to understand our philosophy and to become active members of our community. The diversity of Peruvian culture, the incredibly natural beauty, rich archaeological heritage and the fantastic cuisine will definitely be the ingredients of a successful and memorable meeting.

MICCAI 2020 in Peru - Latin America is a great opportunity for all Latin American faculty, students, and industry, but especially for the entire MICCAI Community to make the history of the science and technology in our areas, by nourishing it with new aspects, new viewpoints and new challenges, guided by the Latam spirit : Responsibility, Accessibility, Fairness, Sustainability.